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Stylish Feature Walls

Norstone is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of stone walls. Norstone Rock Panels initially launched as a landscaping solution. Over the years, designers and architects found a variety of ways by which to use our products. However, despite the variety of applications in which the Rock Panels are used today, they still shine brightly when put to use as exterior stacked stone. The rock panels are tremendously durable and are an ideal choice for use as cladding for external walls.

Due to the fact that exterior projects are considerably larger in size than interior ones, we have tried to ensure that the installation system makes it easy for installers to put the stones in place. The process is very similar to the installation of conventional tiles, thus outpacing the speed at which conventional loose stone tiles are installed. This means that projects are completed in a shorter timeframe and the work is completed with a smaller budget as well. For a number of larger projects, we offer XL Rock Panels, which are bigger in size and can be used for a wide range of exterior installation projects.

Setting the Trends

Exterior stacked stone walls have long been used in order to define the boundaries of many properties. When it comes to selecting the stone for these outside walls, the Norstone Rock Panels are the ideal choice. The panel system delivers a high volume output, thus ensuring that your stacked stone walls aren’t just easier to install, but they also look better and perform amazingly well!


Endless Possibilities

Nowadays, stacked stone walls aren’t just limited to the outdoors. Instead, they can be used for different purposes, such as privacy screens, garden walls, or for terraced retaining walls. In fact, many designers have also started creating stacked stone walls for use inside the house as well. Why would you want to go for a boring stucco or a simple brick surface, when stacked stone walls are now as easy as installing tiles?



Certain exterior things can cause damage to the walls. These include cleaning agents, chemical based solutions, and corrosive substances. After installation, it’s important that a sealant is applied onto the walls  to ensure a solid finish over the passage of time and to retain the quality of the exterior stacked stone wall over the years.