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XL Rock Panels

Supersize your stone veneer

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XL Rock Panels

Exterior Stack Stone Cladding

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Ochre XL Rock Panels

XL Stacked Stone

Supersize your stack stone veneer with XL Rock Panels

Bigger, bolder and joint free

Expansive stacked stone veneer has arrived

When a larger format stone veneer is desired our new XL rock panels deliver superbly with approximately 5 to 7 substantially bigger individual stone strips per panel. Due to this exclusive design utilising only a few natural stone pieces per panel, Norstone’s new expansive XL rock panel is the perfect composition to form the appearance of stacked stone veneer on a grander scale that has never been achieved before.

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Norstone XL Rock Panels White Haus

XL Colours

Leave your architectural projects with a beautiful impression

The natural colours and textures of Norstone’s XL series in stacked stone veneer will leave your architectural projects with a beautiful impression that is enduring. Choose from a palette of colours that are stylish yet simple in selection because they complement classic architecture or current décor trends for stack stone cladding.

Charcoal Colour Standard Rock Panels


Cool subdued tones, perfect for a contemporary minimalist look.

Ochre Colour Standard Rock Panels

Ochre (oh-ker)

Rugged and rustic, the perennial favorite for classic or modern design.

Aztec Colour Rock XL Panel


Refreshing blend of lighter coloured earth tones including light greys, browns, and oranges with a touch of sparkle.




Silver Grey Colour Norstone Rock Panels

Silver Grey

Luxurious with a hint of mystique to calm the senses.

Pearl Colour Norstone Rock Panels


Something different for somewhere special.

Ivory Colour - Standard Norstone Rock Panels


Warm mellow hues that will enhance architectural options.

Norstone White Rock XL Panels


Sleek and contemporary, the perfect complement for stylish interiors.


XL Rock Panels Specifications

Materials: Quartz & Quartzite based sedimentary stone.

Features:  Inter-locking Panels, 5 – 8 pieces of cut stone per panel.

Cartage Specs: 

  • 4 panels per box
  • 10.76 Panels per m2
  • 48 boxes per crate
  • 192 panels per crate
  • 17.85 m2 per crate
  • Crate weighs 1000 kgs

Flat Panel

610mm (w) x 152mm (h) x 15-35mm thick


55 kgs per m2

Corner set

400/200mm (w) x 152mm (h) x 15-35mm thick


5.2kgs per corner set



Install Guide


Norstone Charcoal XL Inter-Locking Panels


Unique interlocking design to create a seamless look

Norstone XL rock panels have our exclusive “stepped” interlocking edge profile that virtually eliminates the vertical joints. This proprietary profile reduces the vertical seam by 66% between adjoining panels on our XL series creating a seamless look as the panel end joints are undetectable. The carefully calibrated stepped ends combined with our exclusive rock panel system ensure that installation is faster and easier than ever possible before.

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Interlocking finger joint corners

The World’s most advanced stone veneer corner system

Norstone prides itself on its innovation of the only finger-joint interlocking corner system in the world because corners are a vital component to complete any stacked stone project. The inter-woven fingers deliver the most seamless and natural look possible for any stone veneer wall, while our two-piece corner system upholds our promise of a rapid hassle free installation.

Uniquely hand made to fit every corner

Each XL rock panel corner set is hand-made as an exclusive matching pair so every single corner is particularly unique. XL corners the superior alternative are definitely preferable to commonly used half overlays, butt joins or mitred joints. XL rock panel corners are available as external or internal corner sets.

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Norstone Ocher XL Garden Retaining Wall

Fast effortless installation

Stacked stone veneer should be easy

It is with our proven stone veneer panel system. Norstone XL rock panels streamline the installation process and significantly reduce on-site costs with our innovative rock panel design. The calibrated stepped ends ensure that the panels interlock seamlessly and quickly, significantly reducing on-site costs.

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Think BIG and expand your horizons

Expand your horizons and clad your walls with Norstone’s expansive XL stacked stone veneer. The only limitation is your imagination, wet or dry the applications are almost limitless. Imagine a stunning new feature wall in your living room, or transform the outside walls of your home with stone veneer panels in large broad format that were previously unattainable.

Norstone XL Rock Panels are perfect for commercial applications, so let your mind run free and renovate those interior spaces such as cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels, anywhere that stunning stone textured walls are desired.

From concept to completion, stone veneer is the natural choice.

Norstone Charcoal XL Rock Panels


Natural stone

The obvious choice

Natural stone a product of nature created millions of years ago with a beauty and durability that is hard to surpass. For thousands of years natural stone has been used as architectural stone for decorative purposes and monumental sculpture which man-made products cannot attempt to imitate. Environmentally friendly with an unbeatable life cycle, the choice is naturally easy.

Natural stone with its superior inherent characteristics demonstrate a notable ecological advantage over other construction materials. Our Norstone XL rock panels are hand-made from Quartz or Quartzite based stone.

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