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Timeless rustic charm

Rustik™ – Ledge stone

Timeless rustic charm


Ledge stone

Timeless rustic charm

Few architectural features match the timeless and textural beauty of a natural stone wall. Designers and homeowners have been gravitating towards using rustic design elements that embrace more natural textures and create an organic vibe indoors and outdoors. This appears to be a trend that will continue strongly in the future and rustic stone walls offer a unique timeless way to incorporate this appealing design direction.

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Norstone Basalt IL Tiles


First impressions do last

6 gorgeous colours

Rustik™ tiles are available in 6 contemporary colours. With truer richer colours which are popular with architects and designers, they are particularly suited to any modern environment, especially as a striking contrast to minimalist light coloured walls. Our Basalt colours are both beautiful and durable delivering the ultimate in trendy hues and colour vitality.

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Grey Granite


White Lime

Rustik™ Specifications


Natural Basalt Stone.


Inter-locking Tiles. Mesh mounted. Grouting required.

Cartage Specs:

· Unit Weight: 3.7kgs
· Coverage: 0.12m2
· 8.5 tiles per m2
· 4 Basalt IL tiles per box
· One box contains .48m2 of product
· Average weight per box is 15 kgs
· 66 boxes per crate
· 264 tile sets per crate
· Total coverage per crate is 31.7m2
· One full crate weighs a total of 1,038.5 kgs

Norstone Basalt Stone Dimensions

Rustik™ Panels

Available in panel form for quick and easy installation.

Dimensions: 425mm (w) x 220mm (h)
Thickness: 20 – 40 mm
Coverage: 11.5 units per m2


65 kgs per m2

Rustik™ Loose Stone

Available as loose stone to allow a skilled stone mason to create a natural organic look. This can be more appealing for designers whose preference is the antithesis of the structured look of stone panels.

Rustik™ Corners

Corners are cut from solid stone into a L shape. Only available in Sandstone.