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Quartz Tiles

A lightweight in a class of its own

Norstone’s stylish Quartz tiles range fuse the warmth and beauty of natural stone with a contemporary design, providing the perfect solution where weight is a concern or a “flatter” surface is desired. Our thinner and lighter Quartz tiles, with a more subtle finish than our 3 dimensional rock panels, are ideally suited for either interior or exterior applications, including wet areas.


Norstone Chiselled Quartz Tiles

Chiselled Tiles

Chiselled tiles, especially in our White crystal Quartz, are the superb alternative for designers who aspire to incorporate a thin stone veneer without the rugged 3 dimensional appearance of stacked stone veneer. These thinner and lighter Quartz Chiselled tiles, which have a rough hewn rippled effect along the surface of the tile, provide the complete solution.

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Sculptured Quartz Tiles

Sculptured Tiles

These exquisite tiles, which are exclusive to Norstone, have an understated textured finish with parallel ribs forming a distinctive horizontal pattern across each tile. For projects that require a thin stone veneer look that is refreshing, then these Quartz Sculptured tiles with a fragmented ribbed surface create an innovative and sleek appearance that is incomparable.

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