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Flagstone / Crazy Paving

Norstone Monarostone

Freeform your design with random stone veneer

The rich colour tones of Norstone Monarostone combined with the rugged and textured surface create a striking stone veneer composition that is inspired by the architectural exteriors of affluent Californian style homes of the 1960s. Breathe new life into your projects and inspire with random stone veneer that is random in shape and size. Monarostone is ideal for wall cladding and paving applications because it is low maintenance, natural and irregular.

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Norstone Monarostone


Rich and Rugged to invigorate your projects

Monarostone Charcoal


Cool subdued tones, perfect for a contemporary minimalist look.

Sandstone Monarostone Flagstone crazy paving


A white sandstone that has, sandy yellow and pink salmon accents

Monarostone Ochre


Rugged and rustic, the perennial favorite for classic or modern design.

White Lime Monarostone Flagstone crazy paving

White Lime

A stunning pure white flagstone. Perfect for that hamptons style beach home.

Aztec Monarostone Flagstone crazy paving


Lighter than Ochre with a shimmer in the light.

The colour palette for Monarostone varies from red, orange, rusts, brown, golds, greys and charcoal. The vibrant colours and rough-hewn textures of our random flagstone veneer cladding will give your exterior or interior projects a rugged well-proportioned look that is enduring and complements classical architecture or modern contemporary design with an earthy feel.

See the specs

Monarostone specifications


Quartzite based sedimentary stone.

Random in shape and size

200mm up to 450mm in size
Thickness from 15mm to 35mm


60kgs per m2


Sold as loose stone by the crate
20 x 1m2 layers per crate
1200 kgs per crate


Featured Project

Oil Nut Bay

Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands

Featured Project

Oil Nut Bay

Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands

Oil Nut Bay developer David V. Johnson spent 10 years touring the world before concluding that the stunning beauty and political stability of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands was the perfect location for his family community of luxury homes.

Johnson’s passion to create a development of luxury homes in the Caribbean has come to life with meticulous attention to detail and environmental integrity at Oil Nut Bay. We are proud to show you Norstone Ochre on its finest on display here at this stunning luxury development.

Norstone Monarostone

Take it easy installation

Creative design that can’t be rushed

Norstone Monarostone is random in shape and size so it takes perseverance and skill to install because it is similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle for the first time. However with patience the finished result will look stunning and grouting is an optional extra best discussed with the designer. Now it’s possible to create striking and rugged feature walls in random stone veneer.

Natural is best

The responsible choice

Natural Stone is an environmentally friendly and superior building material that will outlast most other products, especially man made imitation stone. Available in a wide range of colours and textures with various densities that make it ideally suitable for most building projects. Natural stone will actually improve with age so build responsibly and choose an earth-friendly product Because of its enduring life-cycle, ease of maintenance and ability to be recycled easily, it is a preferred sustainable building material. Which is why natural stone has been incorporated into architecture since the beginning of mankind.

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Norstone Ochre Monarostone
Norstone Ochre Monarostone

Unique as a fingerprint

The random alternative to stacked stone

When size and shape really does matter then Norstone Monarostone is the ideal alternative to stacked stone veneer to create that venerable architectural look of flagstone that was such a favourite decades ago. With its rugged texture and an appealing palette of colours; Monarostone presents many design options and can bring an immense amount of character and a unique element to your space Architects and designers can experiment with the irregular shape and larger pieces of stone of Monarostone to construct expansive feature walls for residential or commercial exterior walls, facades or for garden pathways From conception to completion stone veneer is the natural choice.

See the Monarostone gallery

Carrie Spence USA

“I had looked for many months to find the right style and colors and the “Ochre” was the best match. I couldn’t be happier! I get so many compliments on how beautiful it looks. I would do the same stone all over again! I LOVE IT!!!!”

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