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Grey Basalt IL

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Ebony Basalt IL

Basalt IL Tiles

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Grey Basalt IL tile

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Ebony Basalt IL

Natural Stone Wall Tiles

Basalt IL Tiles

Norstone’s legendary craftsmanship, where ancient meets modern

Basalt interlocking tiles are a marriage of geology, design, and technology. The Basalt is cut into individual strips which are mesh mounted to create a sleek, contemporary wall tile. With a silky smooth honed finish, Basalt IL tiles form a seamless linear pattern on any wall with our exclusive interlocking pattern. This inspiring new product is in demand, especially where a dramatic statement is desired that is refined and luxurious.

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Norstone Basalt IL Tiles


First impressions do last

Two gorgeous colours

Basalt IL tiles are available in two contemporary colours, Grey and Ebony. With truer richer colours which are popular with architects and designers, they are particularly suited to any modern environment, especially as a striking contrast to minimalist light coloured walls. Our Basalt colours are both beautiful and durable delivering the ultimate in trendy hues and colour vitality.

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Grey Basalt IL Tile


Grey is cool and subdued and relatively neutral in a consistent light Ash Grey colour tone.

Ebony Basalt IL Tile


Ebony is an exquisite coal colour tone that provides a stunning backdrop to any feature wall.

Basalt IL Tile Specifications


Natural Basalt Stone.


Inter-locking Tiles. Mesh mounted. Grouting required.

Cartage Specs:

· Unit Weight: 3.7kgs
· Coverage: 0.12m2
· 8.5 tiles per m2
· 4 Basalt IL tiles per box
· One box contains .48m2 of product
· Average weight per box is 15 kgs
· 66 boxes per crate
· 264 tile sets per crate
· Total coverage per crate is 31.7m2
· One full crate weighs a total of 1,038.5 kgs

Norstone Basalt Stone Dimensions

Flat Tile

Dimensions: 432mm (w) x 381mm (h)
Thickness:     12mm or ½”
Coverage:    0.12m2 (8.5 units per m2)


31.5 kgs per m2



Lynia™ Instal Guide


Installation of Norstone Basalt IL Ebony Tiles

Hassle free installation

Basalt interlocking tiles made simple

Interlocking tile applications used to be a difficult, time consuming and expensive task. However Norstone Basalt tile strips have revolutionised all of that by taking an arduous labour intensive task and streamlining the installation process with our proven random interlocking tile format. Simplicity and ease of application is the key to the success of our innovative interlocking Basalt tiles, crafted by hand to significantly reduce on-site costs.

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Let your mind run free

Time for a make over, then cladding your walls with our Basalt Inter-Locking Tiles is only limited by your imagination. Look around your living space and imagine a stunning new feature wall in your living room, or transform that old fireplace into a bold centrepiece, remodel your kitchen with Basalt IL Tiles.

Rethink your outside areas and use stone veneer to make a statement of natural beauty in your garden, enhance the look of your home by cladding feature walls in natural stone or create a stunning water feature. Norstone Basalt Inter-Locking Tiles are perfect for commercial applications such as revamping bars, cafes or restaurants, hotels, practically anywhere that stunning feature walls are desired.

From concept to completion natural stone veneer is the natural choice.

Natural Norstone Basalt IL Tiles

Natural is best.

Why choose Norstone Basalt stone?

For a refined natural stone it’s difficult to surpass the durability and polished elegance of Basalt, a robust igneous stone created by nature eons ago. Basalt is a common extrusive volcanic rock which is usually darker, denser and finer grained than many other stones. Norstone Basalt Interlocking tiles are polished to a matt or honed finish which is silky smooth to the touch.

Natural Basalt stone with its inherent longevity is definitely a worthy investment whilst adding value to your home.

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