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Natural Stone Veneer wall cladding

Norstone is an Australian owned manufacturer of premium stone veneer cladding and tiles.


15% off all orders placed in January 2018.

Summer clearance sale to make way for new stock.

Stacked Stone Cladding - Norstone Rock Panels

Stacked Stone Wall Cladding

Norstone is known throughout the world for our premium natural stacked stone wall cladding. Norstone ROCKPANELS™ are handcrafted from select pieces of precision cut stone. Our natural stack stone wall cladding has the real stone appeal that architects and designers prefer.

Stacked Stone Cladding - Norstone Basalt 3D Panels
Stacked Stone Cladding - Norstone Basalt IL Tiles

Smooth 3D Stone Panels & Linear Tiles

Norstone's AKSENT3D™ Panels, LYNIA™ Inter-Locking tiles and PLANC™ stone planks are perfect for a sophisticated modern design. Made from either Marble, Lavastone or cooled Basaltic lava rock cut and honed handles all the elements and is perfect for pools, water features, stone feature walls, fireplaces, kitchen backsplash, bathrooms, exterior / internal stone wall cladding.

Flagstone | Crazy paving - Norstone Monarostone

Flagstone / Crazy Paving

For a classic flagstone / crazy paving look, you can't go wrong with our Monarostone Flagstone wall cladding. Perfect for exterior stone wall cladding, garden walls, landscaping and retaining walls, porticos and entryways.