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Norstone Colours

Colours that will excite your senses

Colour plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Colour can influence thinking, have a calming effect, create a focal point of conversation and more.

Colours can cause powerful reactions because Colour Matters!



The latest colour trends have come around to perennial favourites ­such as Greys, the opulent tones of Black or near Black that command attention or the soothing tranquillity of the neutral accents in the lighter shades of Whites and off Whites.

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Browns are also popular with Ochre having a diverse mix of rugged earthy colours to complement indoor or outdoor settings, especially living rooms or gardens. Bring the outdoor in with Ochre.

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Sahara, a new yellow toned stone veneer offering from Norstone, is an uplifting colour which is increasingly being used to complement surroundings or create an accent wall.

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Colour your imagination

Less is more in today’s busy world, so avoid complicating your selection and choose colours that represent a palette that is conducive to enhancing your living space and highlight the different elements.

Use colour to create a contrast or as an accent and choose from the subdued warmth of the Ochre, Ivory and Sahara, the cool contemporary Greys and Charcoals to the vivid brilliance of White.

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