Norstone wall cladding

Norstone is known throughout the world for its premium stone veneer wall cladding including stacked stone panels hand crafted from select pieces of precision cut stone. Our stone veneer wall cladding has natural stone appeal that architects and designers prefer over faux stone or painted concrete.

Norstone Aztec XL Rock Panels
Rock Panels

Norstone’s complete stacked stone panel system is available in 3 styles, Slim Line, Rock Panel and XL for a supersized format, including corners and natural ends.

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Basalt 3d Panels by Norstone
Basalt 3D Panels

New 3 dimensional Basalt panels are a sophisticated and elegant addition to our designer range. Sleek and smooth in a modular panel format to create stunning feature walls.

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Norstone Basalt IL Tiles
Basalt IL Tiles

Basalt interlocking tiles, are an exquisite offering designed to impress. Silky smooth strips of Basalt form a seamless linear pattern to create a dramatic statement.

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Ochre Monarostone by Norstone

Perfect for designers seeking a stone veneer alternative because it’s random in shape and size. Create that classic look inspired by affluent Californian style of yesteryear.

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Quartz Tiles

Lightweight Quartz tiles are a thin stone veneer solution which is subtler in appearance than stacked stone veneer. Blend the beauty of Quartz tiles with contemporary design.

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Details that make a big difference


Designers & Architects top choice for interlocking finger joint corners

Interlocking Corners with Norstone

"Radius" Curved walls with Norstone