MonaroStone for paving & cladding

paving & cladding

MonaroStone - Charcoal+
MonaroStone - Ochre Blend+





   + 100% natural stone - Quartzite based sedimentary stone
   + 2 colours-Charcoal, Ochre
   + Creates a flagstone veneer look, random in shape and size
Resistant to slip, salt attack, staining, fading and frost attack

   + Interior or exterior-compliments stainless steel, glass or timber
   + Ideal for garden path, around pools, spas and wall cladding
   + Residential - feature walls, pathway, driveway, crazy paving
   + Commercial - office, shop, bar or café / restaurant fit outs

   + Suitable for cladding a brick, block or precast concrete wall
   + Use 19 mm (3/4") compressed fibrous cement board on timber stud wall
  + Grouting is required, only minimal cutting is necessary
   + Use recommended tile adhesive, especially for wet areas

   + no less than 250 mm in length and 100 mm in width
+ Flat +/- 5mm on at least one side to permit paving
   + Nominally 15 mm to 30 mm thick

   + 20 square metres per crate - 1000 kgs

+ no less than 10" in length and 4" in width
+ Flat +/- 3/16" on at least one side to permit paving
   + Nominally 3 1/4" mm to 1 1/2" mm thick

   + 220 square feet per crate - 1 ton

Colours currently available
   + Charcoal
   + Ochre Blend

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