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Standard Rock Panels

Simplicity is beautiful with stone veneer?

Stacked Stone Wall cladding

Norstone Rock Panels

Stacked stone veneer made simple

Norstone® is known throughout the world for its premium stacked stone veneer panels which are hand crafted from select pieces of precision cut stone. Our stone veneer panels with their natural stone appeal are perfect for either classical architecture or an ultra-modern perspective.

Norstone’s proven stacked stone panel system sets us apart from the competition. Our attractive and exclusive colours combined with our incomparable panel layout provide ease of installation and exciting new possibilities in natural stone cladding designs.

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Leave your architectural projects with a beautiful impression that is enduring

The living colours and textures of our natural stacked stone veneer will give your architectural projects a beautiful and impressive finish that is durable and exquisite. Choose from a palette of 5 colours that are elegant yet simple in selection because they complement classic architecture or current décor trends.

Charcoal Colour Standard Rock Panels


Cool subdued tones, prefect for a contemporary minimalist look

Ochre Colour Standard Rock Panels

Ochre (oh-ker)

Rugged and rustic, the perennial favorite for classic or modern design

Sahara Colour Standard Norstone Rock Panels


Luxurious with a hint of mystique to relax the senses

Ivory Colour - Standard Norstone Rock Panels


Warm mellow hues that will enhance architectural options

Norstone White Rock IL Panels


Sleek and contemporary, the perfect complement for stylish interiors



The World’s most advanced stone veneer corner system

Interlocking finger joint corners

Corners are an integral part of any project and Norstone has the only finger-joint interlocking corner system in the world. The inter-woven fingers deliver the most seamless and natural look possible for any stone veneer wall, while our two-piece corner system ensures a rapid hassle free installation.

Uniquely hand made to fit every corner

Each rock panel corner set is hand-made as a unique matching pair to form superb natural corners, which are definitely preferable to unsightly butt joins, half overlays or mitred joints. For your convenience the rock panel corners are available as external or internal corner sets.

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White Standard Norstone Rock Panel Corners
Norstone Rock Panels Installation

Hassle free installation

Stacked stone veneer made simple

Stacked stone applications used to be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Not anymore. Norstone has changed all of that by taking an arduous costly task and streamlining the installation process with our proven stone veneer panel system. Ease of application and simplicity is the key to the success of our innovative rock panel system, significantly reducing on-site costs.

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Standard Rock Panel Specifications

Flat Panel

610mm (w) x 152mm (h) x 15-35mm thick
24”(w) x 6”(h) x 5/8-1¼” thick


5.5kgs / 12lbs

Corner set

400/200mm (w) x 152mm (h) x 15-35mm thick
16”/8”(w) x 6”(h) x ⅝-1¼” thick


5.5kgs / 12lbs

Charcoal Standard Norstone Rock Panels

Natural is best.

Why choose natural stone?

Because it is impossible to beat the beauty and durability that nature created millions of years ago. Man-made products that attempt to imitate natural stone cannot surpass the inherent characteristics of natural stone. Natural stone has a richness of texture and color that adds a sense of timeless elegance to any indoor or outdoor living space.

All current Norstone products are hand made from natural stone such as Quartzite, Basalt etc. The impact on the environment is negligible because our stone products are natural, non-polluting, and eco-friendly products.

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Let your mind run free

Time for a make over, then cladding your walls with our natural stacked stone veneer is only limited by your imagination. Look around your home and imagine a stunning new feature wall in your living room, or transform that old fireplace into a bold centrepiece, remodel your kitchen with stone veneer.

Use stone veneer to enhance the natural beauty in your garden, create a stunning water feature or beautify your home by cladding interior or exterior walls. Norstone rock panels are ideal for commercial projects such as revamping cafes or restaurants, bars or hotels, practically anywhere that stunning feature walls are desired.

From concept to completion stone veneer is the natural choice.