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Bend your imagination

Curved walls with Norstone Rock Panels

Create a distinctive sculptural statement

Let your imagination flow and create sensational curved feature walls to enhance your indoor or outdoor living space. Radius walls present an imposing design feature that will add an exceptional architectural element to almost any residential or commercial project.

Incorporate a curved wall into a design to sub-divide a room or define a break in a large open space. The curvature of this outstanding feature wall will create a striking focal point.

Concave or Convex?

To curve a wall outwards or inwards is a preference that shouldn’t be complicated and now Norstone stone veneer gives you the flexibility to choose either option. There is of course a limit to how small the radius can be, but generally it’s not possible under 1.5m or 5 feet.

Covering a curved wall with our stone veneer, either convex or concave, is definitely achievable and relatively straight forward, with the added satisfaction of a creating a design element that looks stunning and is truly unique.

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Rock Panels Concave Radius

Concave Radius

Convex Radius Rock Panels

Convex Radius

Concave Radius Rock Panels White

Rock Panels

Stacked stone veneer on a curved wall

Ever wanted to fit a stacked stone panel on to curved wall, now you can with Norstone® stone veneer products. The rugged texture of the 3 dimensional stone delineates the curvature of the wall to produce a very edgy and impressive design element.

Curved or radius walls covered with stacked stone veneer can be free standing or part of an existing structure, the choice is really flexible.


Bend it with Basalt

Basalt IL tiles or 3D XLX panels can be easily be fixed to a curved wall to form a beautiful flowing perspective. The 2 distinctive designs of our Basalt stone product mean that any radius feature walls covered with Basalt IL or 3D will provide a contemporary and stunning architectural aspect.

Quartz Tiles

Why be confined by straight walls?

Apply Norstone Quartz tiles to a semi circular wall and use the curvature of this outstanding feature wall to create a dramatic focal point for a residential or commercial project. An additional benefit is because our quartz tiles are smaller then the radius of the curved wall can be smaller.


Let your curved walls flow

Monarostone is random in shape and size so covering a curved wall with this flagstone product can really open up possibilities that are out of the ordinary with an exceptional appearance that will leave a lasting impression.