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Sculptured Quartz Tiles

Groomed to perfection

These stylish quartz tiles fuse the warmth and beauty of natural stone with a contemporary design and are ideally suited for either interior or exterior applications, including wet areas. Each tile has a subtle textured finish to create an innovative and sleek linear appearance exclusive to norstone®. Each quartz sculptured tile has a machined surface finish that is carefully split by hand in random sections to create a unique parallel ribbed pattern, this has a combed effect showing pieces of the rib removed. The size ratio of 3:1 complements the trend towards a “planked” look.

Norstone Sculptured Quartz Tiles


The vibrant colours and textures of our natural quartz sculptured tiles will give your architectural projects a beautiful and impressive finish that is durable and exquisite. Choose from a palette of two colours that are refined yet simple in reference because they complement classic architecture or current décor trends.

Sculptured Quartz White


Sleek crystal White, the perfect complement for contemporary or stylish interiors.

Sculptured Quartz Charcoal


Cool and subdued with darker Grey tones, ideal for the modern minimalist look.

Rock Panels Installation

Effortless and easy installation

Chic lightweight alternative to stacked stone

Norstone’s slimmer lightweight quartz sculptured tiles are ideal for interior or exterior walls because they can be quickly and easily installed. These exclusive quartz tiles are easy to apply and do not require grouting, so on-site costs are reduced. Now it’s easy to create a stunning feature wall in thin stone veneer.

Quartz Sculptured Tile Specifications


Single Quartz Tiles Sculptured

Tile Dimensions

300mm (w) x 100mm (h) x 13-15mm thick  |  11.85”(w) x 3.95”(h) x ½” to ⅝” thick


1.2kgs / 2.5lbs

Norstone Sculptured Quartz Tiles

Natural is best.

Why is natural stone so special?

Natural stone has been used as a building material for more than 2500 years so imagine how you can enhance your home with its beauty and elegance. Indeed, few other products compare to the beauty and eco friendliness of natural stone.

Natural stone beautifies outdoor surroundings perfectly because it contributes to a sublime balance between the elements and foliage.

Natural stone products are perfect for creating an individual look that is very difficult to achieve with imitation stone. The rich textures and colours combined with its innate durability make it the exceptional choice for any decor project. To learn more about our natural stones click here.


Parallel symmetry meets linear

Norstone Quartz sculptured tiles are specifically appropriate for projects where a refined but “flatter” surface is desired whilst still retaining their 3 dimensional look. Groomed to perfection, these new Quartz stone tiles with parallel ribs in a linear pattern will ensure that it’s now possible to achieve a contemporary and sleek appearance for interior and exterior feature walls.

With their leading edge design, Norstone’s Quartz sculptured tiles will enable architects and designers to create a stunning backdrop or feature wall, inside or out, for residential and commercial applications.

From concept to completion stone veneer is the natural choice.

Norstone Sculptured Quartz Tiles