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Chiselled Quartz Tiles

A lightweight in a class of its own

When weight is a concern, especially for interior walls, then the thinner, lighter quartz tiles are the perfect solution. Alternatively where a refined but “flatter” surface is desired for commercial applications to create a stunning backdrop or feature wall, then Norstone’s new Quartz chiselled tiles are made for the job.

Each quartz chiselled tile has a machined surface finish that is carefully chiselled by hand to create an exclusive parallel ribbed pattern. The quartz chiselled tiles have a coarse rippled effect along the surface of each tile. The size ratio of 3:1 complements the trend that leans towards a “planked” look.

Norstone Chiselled Quartz Tiles


The vibrant colours and textures of our natural quartz chiselled tiles will leave your architectural projects with a beautiful impressive finish that is durable and exquisite. Select from a palette of two colours that are refined and vivid with both beautifully complementing classic architecture or current décor trends.

Chiselled Quartz White


Sleek crystal White, superbly enhancing contemporary or stylish interiors.

Chiselled Quartz Charcoal Colour


Cool and subdued with mixed Grey tones, ideal for the modern minimalist look.

Interlocking Basalt 3D Panels

Smooth and simple, easy installation

Chic lightweight option to stacked stone

Norstone’s slimmer lightweight quartz chiselled tiles are ideal for interior or exterior walls because they can be quickly and easily installed. These exclusive quartz tiles are easy to apply and do not require grouting, so on-site costs are reduced. Now it’s easy to create stunning feature walls in thin stone veneer.

Quartz Chiselled Tile Specifications

Single Quartz Tiles Chiselled

Tile dimensions

300mm (w) x 100mm (h) x 13-15mm thick  |  11.85”(w) x 3.95”(h) x ½” to ⅝” thick


1.2kgs / 2.5lbs

Norstone Chiselled Quartz Tiles

Natural stone.

Natural stone is the smart choice

Natural Stone is one of the most superior construction materials available in the market because of its stability and unique characteristics. Natural stone is incredibly environmentally friendly and durable with a wide variety of colours, textures and densities. Just as important to the buyer of natural stone is the fact that it has the added benefit of being visually stunning and maintenance free.

“Go green” is a catchphrase however it is more important than ever that we all try to help protect our fragile environment, so choose natural stone to beautify your home or living space and know that your decision will make a difference.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Norstone Quartz chiselled tiles are perceived to be of premium quality and to have high value. Because they are so versatile architects and designers can be very creative in how they apply them for residential interiors and exteriors. Use Quartz chiselled tiles to conceive projects that are more prominent and exquisite whilst enhancing the beauty and stature of your home

Luxurious feature walls for commercial applications such as office building lobbies or reception areas can be realised by using Norstone Quartz chiselled tiles to add an air of sophistication and elegance.

From concept to completion stone veneer is the natural choice.