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Flagstone Pavers


Freeform your design with random stone veneer

The rich colour tones of Norstone MONAROSTONE™ combined with the rugged surface texture create a striking stone veneer composition inspired by the architectural exteriors of affluent Californian homes of the 1960s. Breathe new life into your projects with random stone veneer that is random in shape and size. MONAROSTONE™ is ideal for wall cladding and paving applications because it is low maintenance, natural and irregular. Breathe new life into your projects with our stone veneer that is random in shape and size

Norstone Monarostone

Gorgeous Colours

Rich and Rugged to invigorate your projects


Monarostone Charcoal
Cool subdued tones, perfect for a contemporary minimalist look.



Monarostone Ochre
Rugged and rustic, the perennial favourite for classic or modern design.



Aztec Monarostone Flagstone crazy paving
Lighter earth tones, tan, silver, gold with a shimmering sparkle.


MONAROSTONE™ Specifications


Quartzite, Slate, Sandstone, Limestone


Random in shape and size
Size from 200mm up – 450mm
Thickness from 15mm – 35mm


60kgs per m2


Sold as loose stone by the crate
20 x 1m2 layers per crate
1200 kgs per crate



Install Guide

Norstone Monarostone

Take it easy installation

Creative design that can’t be rushed

Because Norstone Monarostone is random in shape and size installation is similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle and requires skill and perseverance. However, with patience, the finished result will look stunning and with grouting is being an optional extra best discussed with the designer. With Norstone Monarostone it is now possible to create striking and rugged feature walls in random stone veneer.

Natural is best

The responsible choice

Natural Stone is an environmentally friendly and superior building material that will outlast most other products, especially man made imitation stone. Along with being available in a wide range of colours and textures with various densities that make it ideally suitable for most building projects, natural stone is also sustainable, recyclable, and low maintenance. All this, coupled with the knowledge that stone is long lasting and will actually improve with age makes the choice to build responsibly with Norstone a simple choice.

Norstone Ochre Monarostone
Norstone Ochre Monarostone

Unique as a fingerprint

The random alternative to stacked stone

When style matters Norstone Monarostone is the ideal alternative stone veneer to recreate the look of flagstone that was such a favourite decades ago. With its rugged texture and an appealing palette of colours; Monarostone presents many design options bringing an immense amount of character and a unique element to your space. Architects and designers can experiment with the larger, irregular shaped pieces of Monarostone to construct expansive feature walls for residential or commercial exteriors, facades or garden pathways From conception to completion, MONAROTSTONE veneer is the natural choice.

Carrie Spense Testimonial

Carrie Spence USA

"I had looked for many months to find the right style and colors and the "Ochre" was the best match. I couldn't be happier! I get so many compliments on how beautiful it looks. I would do the same stone all over again! I LOVE IT!!!!"

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