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LYNIA™ Tiles

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Grey Basalt LYNIA™ tile

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Ebony Basalt LYNIA™

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LYNIA™ Tiles

Norstone’s legendary craftsmanship

LYNIA™ interlocking tiles are a marriage of geology, design, and technology. Basalt or Marble is cut into individual strips which are mesh mounted to create a sleek, contemporary wall tile. With a silky smooth honed finish, LYNIA™ tiles form a seamless linear pattern on any wall thanks to our exclusive interlocking pattern. This inspiring new product is in demand, especially where a dramatic statement is desired that is refined and luxurious.

Gorgeous Colours

Norstone LYNIA™ tiles are available in rich colours popular with architects and designers. They are particularly suited to any modern environment, especially as a striking contrast to minimalist light coloured walls. Our colours are both beautiful and durable delivering the ultimate in trendy hues and monochromes.





White Marble


LYNIA™ Tile Specifications

Flat Tile

Dimensions:   432mm (w) x 381mm (h)
Thickness:     12mm
Coverage:      0.12m2 (8.5 units per m2)


31.5 kgs per m2

Corner Tile

Dimensions:   215 / 210 mm (w) x 381mm (h)
Thickness:     12mm


Natural Basalt, Marble


Inter-locking Tiles, Mesh mounted, Grouting required

Cartage Specs

· Unit Weight: 3.7kgs
· Coverage: 0.12m2
· 8.5 tiles per m2
· 4 tiles per box
· One box contains .48m2 of product
· Average weight per box is 15 kgs
· 66 boxes per crate
· 264 tile sets per crate
· Total coverage per crate is 31.7m2
· One full crate weighs a total of 1,038.5 kgs



Install Guide


Hassle free installation

Basalt interlocking tiles made simple

Interlocking tile applications used to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive tasks. However, Norstone LYNIA™ tile strips have revolutionised all of that by streamlining the installation process with our proven random interlocking tile format, saving time and reducing on-site costs. This simplicity and ease of application are the keys to the success of our innovative interlocking LYNIA™ tiles.

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Let your mind run free

Time for a make over? Then applications for our LYNIA Inter-Locking Tiles are limited only by your imagination. Look around your home and picture a stunning new feature wall in your living room, transform that old fireplace into a bold centrepiece, remodel your kitchen with LYNIA™ Tiles.

Rethink your outside areas using LYNIA™ stone veneer to make a statement of natural beauty in your garden, enhance the exterior look of your home by cladding feature walls in natural stone, or create a stunning water feature.

Norstone LYNIA Inter-Locking Tiles are also perfect for commercial applications such as bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and anywhere else contemporary feature walls are desired. From concept to completion, LYNIA stone veneer is a natural choice.

Natural is best.

Why choose Norstone Basalt stone?

For a refined natural stone, it is difficult to surpass the durability and polished elegance of LYNIA™ Tiles. LYNIA™ tiles are a volcanic rock created from basaltic lava eons ago, this basalt is darker, denser and finer grained than many other stones. Norstone’s LYNIA™ Basalt Interlocking tiles are honed to a matte finish that is silky smooth to the touch.
LYNIA™  basalt stone veneer with its natural longevity is definitely a worthy investment for adding value to your home.

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Order a Sample

For your colour consideration, we offer free 6"x6" samples posted anywhere in Australia for the flat rate postage of $15 postage per sample. We will deduct this off your total when you place an order.

For Commercial Architects / Builders / Designers who want to receive our entire range of samples please contact us directly to arrange via