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Dallas Residential Interior & Exterior Cladding

Grey Basalt AKSENT™ 3D Panels

Visualise a striking accent on your walls

Corners done accurately

Perfect fit for corners and columns

Smooth 3D Stone Panels


Stone panels just became bolder & sexier

Elevate your project from the ordinary to the extraordinary

Norstone AKSENT™ 3D panels are sophisticated, elegant and incredibly hard wearing. They embody the depth of colour, natural character and the subtle inherent sheen that designers and architects expect from premium natural stone products.  The beautiful appearance and smooth surface of the 3D basalt, lavastone or marble panels are appropriate for both internal and external installations, including wet areas.

Norstone Basalt 3d Panels

Seven exceptional colours

Want to make a visually dramatic statement?

AKSENT™ 3D panels are available in seven leading-edge colours, which will complement contemporary or classic design to create a stunning backdrop.
The honed finish and natural texture of our polished AKSENT™ 3D interlocking panels will transform your architectural projects from the ordinary to the extraordinary to ensure a stunning and enduring impression

Ebony Basalt

Aksent Ebony Basalt


Grey Basalt

Aksent Grey Basalt


Glacier Marble

Aksent White Marble


Graphite Lavastone

Aksent Lavastone Graphite Norstone


Platinum Lavastone

Aksent Lavastone Platinum Norstone


Latte Marble

Aksent Beige Marble


Silver Grey Quartz

Aksent 3D Silver Quartz Norstone


AKSENT™ 3D Panel Specifications

Flat Panel

610mm (w) x 152mm (h) x 12-16mm thick


39 kgs per m2

Corner Set

400/200mm (w) x 152mm (h) x 12 – 16mm thick


3.6kgs per corner set


Natural Basalt Stone, Lavastone, Marble, Quartz


Inter-locking Panels. 2 Part Epoxy glued.
No mesh backing. No grout required.


· Panels 12-16mm thick
· Panel Size: 610x152x12-16
· Panel Weight: 3.6kgs
· 6 panels per box
· 1 box contains .56m2
· 10.76 panels per m2
· Weight per m2: 39kgs
· Weight of box is 22.5kgs
· 48 boxes per crate
· 288 panels per crate
· Total coverage per crate is 26.8m2.
· 1 full crate weighs 1095 kgs

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Interlocking Basalt 3D Panels

Unique interlocking design to create a seamless look

Our stunning new Norstone Aksent™ 3D panels have our exclusive “stepped” interlocking edge profile that diminishes the vertical joints. This proprietary profile with stepped ends halves the vertical seam between adjoining panels on our Aksent™ 3D series creating a seamless look because the panel end joints are virtually eliminated. The calibrated stepped ends combined with our unique Basalt modular stone panel system ensure ease of installation and rapid coverage of large areas.

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Uniquely hand made to fit every corner

Each AKSENT™ 3D corner set is hand-crafted as an exclusive matching pair, ensuring that every single corner set is truly unique. Fabricated in an offset pattern they are quick and easy to install, consequently reducing on-site labour costs quite significantly. The AKSENT™ 3D corner collection includes both external and internal interlocking finger joint corners to provide a perfect, seamless fit every time.

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Installation of Norstone Basalt IL Ebony Tiles

Hassle free installation

3 Dimensional Basalt stone veneer made simple

Norstone has recently launched our cutting edge interlocking AKSENT™ 3 Dimensional panels. These stone panels are handmade with exacting calibration and significantly streamline the installation process by utilising our proven stone veneer panel system, thus reducing on-site costs. Ease of application and simplicity are the key to the success of our innovative and interlocking AKSENT™ 3D panels.

See our Installation Guide  


The 3rd Dimension in natural stone is here

Expand your perspective with AKSENT™ 3D panels and create sensational three dimensional feature walls.
The deep colour and subtle sheen of our AKSENT™ stone panels render them perfect for feature walls around the home, or for making a bold statement in commercial applications such as retail shop fit-outs, hotels, bars, restaurants and offices.
AKSENT™ is also at home in the elements, working beautifully in a myriad of spaces including pool areas, water features, kitchen back splashes, fireplace, columns, entry ways, porticos, garages, bathrooms, BBQ and entertaining areas.




Natural Basalt 3D Panels

Natural is best.

Norstone AKSENT the natural choice

For a refined and luxurious natural stone, AKSENT™ 3D with its finely polished elegance and durability is hard to beat. AKSENT™ 3D basalt is a volcanic rock formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava and is denser than granite or marble. The Basalt stone strips of the AKSENT™ 3D panels are honed to a smooth surface leaving a silky finish which is matte in appearance.
AKSENT3D™ natural Basalt stone with its natural longevity is certainly a worthy investment for adding value to your home.
To learn more about our natural stones click here.


Order a Sample

For your colour consideration, we offer free 150x150mm samples posted anywhere in Australia for the flat rate postage of $15 postage per sample. We will deduct this off your total when you place an order.

For Commercial Architects / Builders / Designers who want to receive our entire range of samples please contact us directly to arrange via [email protected]