norstone rock panel corners

The interlocking finger joint corners are a new product that we have released and are a huge success because of their simplicity in application and finished look. Each one is handmade as a stacked stone corner section so they create a unique and natural appearance. These are interlocking finger joint corners that are manufactured as two perfectly matching sections. One section is longer than the other to allow an offset pattern to continue around the corner along the adjacent walls. They are quick and easy to install and create a very natural looking corner that beautifully compliments our stacked stone rock panels. Because they require little skill and time on the part of the contractors fixing our rock panels to a wall, they significantly reduce onsite labor costs. Especially when compared to the time and skill involved in cutting and forming mitred corners. They also eliminate the need for using unsightly over lapping rock panels or butt joins that are commonly used to form corners.

 Norstone Charcoal Rock Panel corners for Natural Stacked Stone Veneer wall cladding

Norstone Ochre Rock Panels for Natural Stacked Stone Veneer wall cladding

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