Norstone Products

Stacked stone veneer made simple

Norstone is known throughout the world for its premium stacked stone veneer panels which are hand crafted from select pieces of precision cut stone. Our stone veneer panels with their natural stone appeal are perfect for either classical architecture or an ultra-modern perspective.

Charcoal Standard Norstone Rock Panels

Rock Panels

Norstone’s proven stacked stone panel system sets us apart from the competition. Our attractive and exclusive colours combined with our incomparable panel layout provide ease of installation and exciting new possibilities in natural stone cladding designs.

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Norstones Basalt IL Tiles Corners

Basalt IL Tiles

Basalt interlocking tiles are an exquisite offering in stone veneer designed to impress. Silky smooth to the touch, the honed strips of Basalt form a seamless linear pattern on the wall to create a dramatic statement. The mesh mounted strips of Basalt stone are assembled as a random tile unit to assure that installation is simple and easy. Grouting is required.

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Basalt 3d Panels

Basalt 3D Panels

Norstone’s 3 dimensional Basalt panels are a sophisticated and elegant new product offering in our designer range to create stunning feature walls. Hand crafted in our trademark modular panel format, combined with fine calibration, to ensure ease of installation and rapid coverage of large walls. The Basalt 3D range includes external and internal corners.

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Sculptured Quartz Tiles

Quartz Tiles

Our thinner lighter Quartz tiles are the perfect solution where weight is a concern or a “flatter” surface is desired. More subtle in their finished appearance than rock panels our stylish Quartz tiles range fuse the warmth and beauty of natural stone with a contemporary design. Ideally suited for either interior or exterior applications, including wet areas. Learn more  



Perfect for designers seeking an alternative natural stone veneer that is random in shape and size. Often referred to as Flagstone, it is the quintessential product to create that classic look inspired by the architectural exteriors and interiors of the affluent Californian style of yesteryear. Available in 2 colours, it’s ideal for paving or wall cladding applications.

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