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Hassle free installation

Designed to impress, engineered for simplicity

Norstone’s advanced stone veneer system is engineered to enable a hassle free installation that is quick, easy and simple. Our interlocking stone panel system will minimise vertical seams and reduce on site labour costs, allowing your project to be completed faster and more efficiently. Our precise calibration combined with the world’s only interlocking finger joint corner system, ensures that a professional result can be achieved on time and on budget.

Corners   Calibration   Interlocking panels  

The calibrated stepped ends interlock seamlessly to eliminate the obvious definition of panels, creating the continuous running pattern of traditional stacked stone.

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Interlocking Panels

Bigger, bolder and joint free

single_circle_icon_IntPanels_v01Our new XL series rock panels have calibrated stepped ends that interlock, eliminating the obvious definition of panels. Builders love the stepped ends because now they can correctly align the stone panels rapidly and effortlessly. The seamless look on the vertical joints gives your project that traditional stacked stone look all architects and homeowners love.


Price is what you pay, value is what you receive

single_circle_icon_Calibration_v01Poor calibration is a common difficulty that can lead to delays and project budget overruns. When stone veneer panels misalign due to flawed calibration, they must be recut on site, causing frustration and additional cost. Norstone understands this common problem, which is precisely why we have stringent calibration standards during our manufacturing process.


No more cutting corners

single_circle_icon_Corners_v01Corners are an extremely important component to complete almost any project. Norstone prides itself on the innovation and development of the only finger joint interlocking corner system in the world. Our advanced stone veneer corner system, using inter-woven fingers, is so quick and easy to install, delivering an unprecedented seamless natural look.

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