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Natural Stone Feature Walls

Feature your individual taste with a stone veneer wall in your space

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Natural Stone Feature Walls with Norstone

Get creative, design your Stone Feature Wall

Have your dream stone feature wall

A stone wall can completely transform your interior. Very few materials have the same cosy yet luxurious appearance as natural stone and thanks to Norstone Rock Panels, installing a feature wall in your home is easier than ever. With our stone feature walls, you can create a home that truly stands out. If you are looking for feature wall cladding, we have an exciting range to create a stunning look. From feature wall panels to outdoor feature walls, we have everything to refresh the look of your home.

The innovative technique behind our natural stone feature walls allows for easy and seamless installation that won’t cost you a fortune or eat up your time. To give your home that luxurious appearance, simply stack and stagger the natural stone panels and they’ll adhere to each other like tiles. With Norstone, you can finally make your dream of a stone feature wall a reality.

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Give your Norstone wall a finished look

Natural stone is striking on its own but you can use art to make it even more gorgeous. Art pieces and paintings made of reclaimed wood and metal can do wonders for its look, as they contrast with the colour of the stone.

A diamond-tripped masonry drill is all you need to freshen up your Norstone wall and breathe life into it. Simply drill a hole in the thin stone veneer, install the anchor points and mounting rods, and select the type of artwork you’d like to hang there. Go with metal or wood for a natural yet edgy look that will make your natural stone feature wall even more impressive.

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Make your stone feature wall stand out

Using the right kind of lighting can greatly complement your Norstone feature wall, enhancing the appearance of natural stone and giving an even classier look. Downward low-voltage lights can do wonders for the feature wall’s texture and dimension. Instead of dulling the appearance of the natural stone with stoplights, let the light wash down the stone and create a stunning look that would most certainly turn into your guests’ favourite conversation piece.

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Colour your world with Norstone

Our striking colour selection is exclusive to Norstone

Seeing is believing when you choose from a palette of colours that is as individual as you are. Norstone has a striking colour selection that is suitable for almost any project.

Hassle free installation

Designers love us. You love the result.

With our exclusive corner design, unique interlocking panel format and rigorous calibration process, Norstone’s advanced stone veneer system is engineered to enable a hassle free installation that is quick, easy and simple. The end result; perfection.


The world’s only interlocking finger joint corner system

Uniquely handmade to fit every corner, the interwoven fingers deliver the most seamless look possible to create a very distinctive and natural corner.

Each Norstone Corner set are made for each other

Each Norstone Corner set are made for each other

Norstone finger joint corners are perfect for covering most columns  which can be achieved rapidly without using unsightly butt joins, half  overlay or time-consuming mitre cuts so commonly used by others.

Interlocking Panels

Seamless and joint free stone veneer

Our carefully calibrated interlocking stone panels align accurately to allow for rapid installation and minimise vertical seams, creating a seamless look.

These carefully calibrated panels are simple and easy to install, therefore significantly reducing on-site labour costs.


Norstone quality counts when you expect the product to not cause unsightly gaps and lines in your installation.

Our precise calibration is the process of ensuring that our panels and corners are cut and manufactured to fit seamlessly and accurately every single time on site.

Norstone prides itself on producing carefully calibrated stone panel products that will avoid frustration and save time during installation.

If you are looking for ideas to elevate the look of your home, we have a fabulous selection of stone feature walls. Browse through our collection to design your home in utmost style. You can get in touch with us to know more about our products and for a free quote. We will be happy to assist you. You can call us at 1300 293 226.

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Carrie Spence New York, NY

I couldn’t be happier! I get so many compliments on how beautiful my Norstone looks. I would do the same stone all over again! I LOVE IT!!!!”

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