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More powerful than imagined

About Norstone

Innovative natural stone products hand-crafted and designed to inspire you

We are a young dynamic company that is excited about sharing our ideas with you and delivering new and innovative ways to use natural stone products for your projects. Our passion is to introduce the beauty and impressive benefits of natural stone so you can better understand its amazing inherent attributes and how it will enhance your environment.

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Distributors01_DSC_3084We are not only passionate about improving your environment, but the global environment, and that’s why we commit to policies that actually do make a difference. Rather than wait for legislation, we have taken initiatives that affirm our core commitment for the protection of the environment such as sustainable quarrying, recycled water, recycled packaging etc.

Manufacturing in Asia has received a lot of bad press regarding abuse of workers, especially over the past 2 decades, and for good reason. However Norstone has always believed in the respect and protection of human rights in conjunction with workers’ rights. We believe that our social responsibility is just as important as environmental protection.

Norstone global distributors all share the common belief that we will never compromise on quality and service and constantly strive to improve ourselves. Contact us today for assistance so we help you select the natural stone product that is made for you.

Norstone at a glance

Founded: Early 2003
Number of Employees:  more than 200

Founder and CEO: Michael Ennis

Global Distributors
USA, UK, Europe, Mid-East, Asia, Australasia

Asia Pacific Headquarters
Norstone Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

North America Headquarters
Norstone USA INC, Los Angeles, USA












Norstone stone veneers

The desire to create the most important feature wall of all – yours

Our Products

Our natural stone products are remarkably simple and cost effective. They offer supreme ease of installation and are the ideal solution for stone wall cladding in a wide range of external and internal applications. Once installed they have a lifetime that will usually exceed the life of the building.

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Norstone natural stone products are environmentally friendly, inert and fully recyclable as well as energy efficient in production. They provide an excellent combination of high rigidity and structural strength, and also possess excellent noise reduction and thermal insulation properties.

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More powerful than imagined

“Simply even more powerful and beautiful than imagined. It makes one feel as though the hall is part of the rocky shore in the distance. It is exactly where your product is meant to be, and will be a central part of the narrative of the building and musical experience.”

Alan Joslin,

Epstein Joslin Architects, Boston, MA

  • exclusive designs and colour options that only norstone® can supply in 100% natural stone.
  • independent global distributor network to assist with professional advice and guarantee supply
  • affordability; an entry-level price point that is superior value to the inferior generic competition.
  • flexibility; from rock panels to interlocking basalt tiles and our new smaller scale stretched quartz tiles
  • minimise on-site costs with our unique rock panel system ensuring a rapid and simple installation.
  • unique corner system; interlocking finger joints for internal and external corners (65 to 115 degrees)
  • our legendary customer support; from a small domestic installation to a major commercial project, we are here to help every step of the way.
  • exclusive warranty system; in conjunction with fellow market leaders Laticrete, we offer a warranty that no competitor can begin to match.